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All-in-one 12 digital marketing tools

If you’re serious about improving your website traffic, this is the right tool for you. Increase your social media presence, grow your mail list or track where your visitors click.

Sumome is an all-in-one digital marketing plugin; you can choose between 12 fully customizable integrated tools.

SumoMe All Applications

  • Email opt-ins: Welcome Mat, Smart Bar, Traditional Pop Up and Slide Box
  • Social shares: Share buttons, Highlighter, Image Sharing
  • Analysis: Content Analytics, Google Analytics Integration and one of my favorites Heatmaps which let you see where your visitors are clicking and scroll down.
  • Discover:  The latest addition, promote your content to 150,000 SumoMe users.

SumoMe works in any website and any CMS  (WordPress, on .Squarespace, Blogger, Shopify, Weebly, Tumblr, Blogger, GTM) and it's extremely easy to install.

How to Install SumoMe

Adding SumoMe to your site will take you less than 3 minutes

  • Just Click here and enter the URL where you want to add SumoMe and click on Get it FREE and enter your email and password to Sign Up
Sumome Get it Free - Site URL
  • If you use WordPress click on the,WordPress logo if you are using other platform click their logo to install. If you prefer, you can insert directly the generated code within the <head>tag of your site.
Install Sumome Code

Adding the Apps

Now is time the add the apps you want to use.

  • Go to your site and on the top right side of your site click on the small blue rectangle and log in.

SumoMe Login Screen

  • Next, in the Home window click in Sumo Store.
SumoMe Home
  • In the next window, you will have all the apps. To add them to your Home simply select the icon and then click on the blue button Free
SumoMe installed apps

Each tool has its own configuration window where you can customize the aspect and behavior.

My Favorite Apps

From here you can choose any app to try. I've used most of them, but my favorites are:

  • The Share buttons fully customizable, for mobile and desktop

SumoMe Share Buttons

  • The Heat Maps, this is probably the one I like most. This app lets you see where are your visitors clicking on your site.
SumoMe Heat Maps
  • Content Analytics, this app also tracks your visitor behavior but this time, how much of your post they read. This is excellent for blogs; you will know where your readers are dropping.
SumoMe Content Analyitcs
  • Smart Bar just set an attractive message and let your mail list grow by itself. You can also use it to promote other pages on your site.
SumoMe Smartbar

Now I leave the rest for you try, customize and choose your favorite ones.


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