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Stop All Spam from share buttons in Google Analytics

The spam from is one of the most annoying in Google Analytics. Since it uses multiple names (over 200) like and different forms: Referral, Keyword, Page title and Landing Page, which is why using traditional methods based on the name of the spam is essentially useless.

To avoid wasting your time I will show you how to efficiently prevent this spammer and any other fake traffic in to keep your Analytics data clean and accurate.

The spammers are using a trick to drive more people to their site. By using the word "site:" before their site URL, people that search for this text will see results from only. (just remove the word "site:" and you will see all results) 

  • share buttons
  • social share buttons keyword

Latest spam from (full list at the bottom) 

  • / referral
  • / referral
  • / referral

If you want a bit of background on the how-what-who-why, keep reading. If you just want to get rid of it, you can jump directly to the solution.

What is was one of the first sites to use this type of spam, commonly called ghost spam. It is also one of the most active, attacking thousands of Google Analytics accounts with fake traffic in form of referrals (aka referrer), keywords, and even with fake pages.

unrelated keywords with in Google Analytics

The spammer uses a variety of names with different combinations in the form of an URL. The names usually contain some of the following words: site: -share -floating -free -social -button or -traffic. No matter what combination you see if you try to access any of the URLs, you will be redirected to the main site 

This site is a simple page with nothing else than a code that supposedly will add social buttons if you insert it to your site (DON'T). As Nicholas mentioned in the comments, this script may contain a malicious code that can insert malware on your site, so if by any chance you did insert it remove it immediately and scan your site for malware.

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Getting Rid of All Fake Traffic from share buttons

My approach to dealing with the spam in Analytics is a little different and far more efficient from what is commonly shared. Instead of going after each spammer, I will show you how to stop all future ghost attacks, no matter what name they use or how it shows (referral, keyword, page...). Plus I will also show you how to clean it from your historical data.

To help you implement these solution, I prepared this step by step guide to prevent spam in Google Analytics.

If you don't have the time to deal with this, I can personally review and configure everything your Analytics needs to protect your data from spam and other junk traffic.

Characteristics of the spam from

These are some characteristics that the fake traffic from shares. Metrics like Bounce Rate and Avg. Session time can be manipulated to look more normal.

what is

If you catch it in the Real-Time Report you will see that it sends multiple hits at the same time, sometimes more than 20 concurrent hits! That is why it usually generates a lot of spam!

Hostname used: (not set) Landing page: / Home or a landing page with the URL
Bounce Rate: close to 100% Page Title: (not set) sometimes it shows the name
Avg. Session time: close to 0 seconds Latest Keyword:
Location/Country: Multiple Latest Landing Page and Page title:

Why Is the Landing Page and Page Title (Not Set)?

When you see a (not set) label in any of your reports it means that Google Analytics wasn't able to get the information for that.

In the case of spam, most of the time the spammer hit random sites so they don't know what the URL is or what is the name of the page, so they use fake names but in some cases they just leave it blank and that is why you see (not set).

Historical list (referral, page, and organic spam)

You may find one or more of these URLs as a referral, organic, landing page or page title.

Complete list of fake traffic (more than 120 with different combinations)
** different letters | # different numbers | [CODE] your tracking code number / referral social-buttons-**.xyz free-share-buttons-***.com free-social-buttons-***.xyz  [CODE].social-s-***.xyz      
List of fake keywords
share this button website buttons social media sharing buttons
share buttons keyword delicious social for website social media share button social network share buttons  
tweet reddit share 100+ combinations

Words commonly used by the spammer

Words used for referrals and pages: -floating | -free | -social | -share | -button | -traffic | |

Words used for keywords: code | vk | html | delicious | website | tweet | this | reddit | stumbleupon | generator | linked in | add | youtube | tweeter | facebook | linkedin | jquery | blogger | for blog

And sometimes different prefix or termination at the end of the URL:

  • -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9
  • -aa -bb -cc -dd -ee -ff -gg -hh -ii -jj
  • -aaa -bbb -ccc -ddd -eee -fff -ggg -hhh -iii
  • site1. site2. site3. site4. site5. site6. site7. site8. site9.
  • www1. www2. www3. www4. www5. www6. www7. www8. www. www9.
Easily & Permanently Stop All Keyword, Referral, & Page Spam from in #GoogleAnalyticsClick To Tweet

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