Keep your Google Analytics Data Clean, and Organized.

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  • The service is available for any site using Google Analytics independently the amount of traffic, the language, or  of the platform used (WordPress, Shopify, Joomla...)

Google Analytics Audit and Implementation

Standard Audit + Recommendations
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  • Make sure your Google Analytics is receiving reliable data, your essentials settings are correctly configured and get recommendations for advanced tracking
    The audit includes, but is not limited to:
  • Essential settings and tracking code setup
    Make sure your essential settings and tracking code are correctly configured.
  • Account/Property/Views settings & best practices
    Make sure all levels of your Google Analytics (Account/Property/Views) are set up correctly and follow best practices recommended by Google.
  • Review of the referral exclusion list
    A properly configured exclusion list ensures that your visits do not lose their original source due to payment processors, sub-domains and affiliated sites.
  • Review of the tracking code snippet on your site
    Make sure your tracking code doesn't have implementation issues.
  • GA deployment through GTM
    Keep your code clean and organized with GTM. This includes the configuration of the pageview tag and GA settings.
  • Data quality optimizations
    Make sure you are gathering valuable real user data.
  • Filters to exclude traffic generated by you and your team
    Filter all the traffic that your or your team generates (also known as internal traffic) to prevent it from mixing with your actual users.
  • Optimized filters for crawler & ghost spam
    A hostname filter customized for your Analytics, that will stop all ghost spam no matter how it comes: referral, organic, language, etc.
    And a set of optimized filters to exclude common crawler spam.
  • Filters to consolidate social traffic and organize data
    Consolidate social channels and re-assign search engines to the organic report.
  • Optimized filters for common bot traffic
    A set of optimized filters for common bot traffic
  • Analysis of unnatural direct traffic
    Understand abnormal traffic registered as direct.
  • A Clean segment to remove irrelevant traffic from your historical data
    Remove bots, spam and other identifiable irrelevant hits from your historical data with an advanced custom segment for your site.
  • Personalized recommendations for advanced tracking
    As part of this audit you will receive personalized recommendation to get even more valueable information from your users interactions with your website.
  • User interactions tracking (events)
    You can track:
    • clicks on links or buttons,
    • form submissions, newsletter,
    • video plays,
    • downloads,
    • scroll to x% in the page,
    • interaction combinations ie scroll + time on page
  • Conversion tracking (goals)
    You can track:
    • clicks on links or buttons,
    • form submissions, newsletter,
    • video plays,
    • downloads,
    • scroll to x% in the page,
    • interaction combinations ie scroll + time on page
  • Marketing and 3rd party tool integrations suggestions
  • Detailed report and personal support
    You will get a detailed report with all the information of what has been done in your Google Analytics.
Advanced Tracking and Custom Configurations
Do you need to troubleshoot/optimize your current Analtyics setup?
a Full Analytics implementation plan?
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  • Looking for help in specific areas customized configurations, user-interation tracking, and marketing tools integration (Google Ads, Facebook, etc)
    Some examples of how I can help:
  • Google Tag Manager implementation
    Keep your site code clean and organize all your tracking/pixel codes from GTM
  • User interaction tracking/events (clicks, downloads...)
    Track any valuable interaction in your website like cliks, downloads, form submissions, scroll, videos, etc.
  • Conversions, Goal & Funnel Configuration
    Learn which sources are bringing more value to your site
  • Monthly reporting
    Get reports every month with the most valuable information for your site.
  • Ecommerce Tracking (Standard and Enhanced)
  • Sub-domains & Cross-domain tracking
  • Search Console integration and reporting
  • Google Ads (Adwords) integration and Conversion tracking
  • Facebooks Ads Conversion tracking
  • AMP tracking/integration
  • Dynamic IP filtering
    If you use IP anonymization, your IP changes constantly, or you simply have people working from multiple locations, this solution will help.
  • Data Studio dashboards
    Get all the important information you need in the same place and in an easy to read dashboard
  • GDPR compliance
    Make sure your Google Analtyics is GDPR compliant
  • - And More...
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