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Latest spam that redirects to

The spam redirecting to is one of the most common in Google Analytics. You may see it with different names:

The latest hits are using a combination of ghost and crawler spam, with a fake page starting with /h/[code-id].html ie. /h/1234567.html /

Independently of the name you see on your reports, I will show you how to efficiently block them so you don't have to keep updating filters everytime a new one shows up?

What are these site redirecting to (,, and  are just a few fake referrals and crawlers that redirect to and are part of a company that offers SEO services. According to one of their alternate domains they use these crawlers to collect information to collect statistical data. Which could be a valid argument, many websites do it, however, the fact that they use catchy names instead of only their brand name is a little suspicious.

So what is the real deal, this technique is known as referrer spam, and it is mostly used as a way of promoting websites by sending fake referrals URLs in Google Analytics.

Regardless of the intention of semalt crawlers, they are not in any way beneficial to your analytics, quite the contrary. So it is important to block them to prevent the corruption of your data.

How to block ( and any other spam in analytics

The following solutions will work independently from the platform or CMS you use (Wordpress, Blogger, Etsy, Bigcommerce, Shopify)

From Google Analytics (Recommended)

My approach to dealing with the spam in Analytics is a little different and far more efficient from what is commonly shared. Instead of going after each spammer, I will show you how to stop all future ghost attacks, no matter what name they use or how it shows (referral, keyword, page...). Plus I will also show you how to clean it from your historical data.

To help you implement these solution, I prepared this step by step guide to prevent spam in Google Analytics.

Want me to fix this for you?, I can personally review and configure everything your Analytics needs to protect your data no only from this spam but other junk traffic that pollutes your Analytics data.

From your server

If you use Google Analytics I recommend you using the previous method, it's safer and quicker, it also works for any type of spam. The following method only works for crawler spam.

To apply this solution you will need access to your server files and feel comfortable working with them: How to block crawler spam from the .htaccess or the web.config file.

Characteristics of

  • Hostname used: (one of yours or
  • Bounce Rate: close to 100% although it may be manipulated
  • Avg. Session time: close to 0 seconds
  • Location/Country: Multiple
  • Landing page: / Home or (not set)
  • Latest Referral: and

Why is the page title (not set)?

This happens when the spammer doesn't bother to set a title for the fake visit.

List of names used by semalt ( /

All of the following "referral" URLs will redirect or redirected at some point either to or

FULL LIST OF FAKE Referrals / / / referral / / / referral / / / referral / / / referral / / / referral / / / referral / referral / referral / / referral
success-seo.comkeywords-monitoring-success.comsemalt.tool /

It is important to note that the crawlers sent by semalt come from different parts (Brazil, Italy, US...) so trying to use common techniques like IP block or even whole countries won't stop the problem.