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Microstrategy and Google Analytics

MicroStrategy, one of the leading platforms for business intelligence and analytics, just released the highly improved and more powerful MicroStrategy 10 Secure Enterprise.

MicroStrategy 10 offers even more options to integrate your data than its predecessor. With more than 20 new data sources like Google Analytics, Hadoop and even social media like Facebook or Twitter, it has an extraordinary built-in data preparation, "data wrangling" that makes data transfer quicker and easier.

In a matter of minutes, you can start building dashboards from almost any data source

MicroStrategy 10 Data Sources

No source was left behind. MicroStrategy 10 easily lets you connect to a variety of data sources including Dropbox, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Facebook and Twitter feeds, Cassandra, Hadoop, and many many more.

MicroStrategy Enterprise data

The quick import feature allows you to:

  • Quickly integrate data into MicroStrategy as part of a proof-of-concept design

  • Immediately build dashboards, documents, and reports without having to "model" the data source

  • Microstrategy ChartImport and report on personalized data from various data sources

  • Combine and analyze personalized data with your project data

  • Modify the data in your data source, then republish the data to quickly update your dashboards, documents, and reports

Google Analytics

Microstrategy Google Analytics IntegrationThis one is my favorite!! Google Analytics is the most powerful web analytics service on the Internet, used by millions of Web Sites.

Now, with MicroStrategy 10 we can easily combine the scope of Google Analytics with the power of the Microstrategy engine, to visualize the data in innumerable forms.

MicroStrategy goes Social

MicroStrategy Facebook TwitterNow you can gather business information from your Facebook pages to monitor brand awareness or assess the effectiveness of an advertising campaign by importing likes and comments made on your page and posts.

Twitter can also be a valuable resource to explore how your company’s customers are engaging with your products and marketing campaigns, you can import the data from using your Twitter account and the search for tweets.

Big Data

MicroStrategy Analytics intelligently transforms and aggregates petabytes of big data into targeted gigabytes of in-memory data, ripe for agile data discovery. Preserves enough detail to support a deep investigation and find business insights, while solving the performance challenges of Big Data.

MicroStrategy Big Data Hadoop Teradata

50 + ODBC/JDBC sources

This vast list of ODBC/JDBC sources is not so new. MicroStrategy already offered easy integration with the most well-known and lesser-known databases.

Microstrategy SQL databases

The complete list of ODBC/JDBC

Business Intelligence tools

Importing data from other BI tools like SAP Business Objects Universe (BO), Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), and IBM Cognos Framework Manager is also possible.

MicroStrategy Business Objects, Oracle, Cognos


You don't even need a database or file to export data,  now you can copy/paste any table from Wikipedia, Excel or any place that has a table (WebSite or File), and create dashboards within minutes.

More Sources

Apart from those already mentioned, you can also import data from OLAP\MDX,  Solr,, Google Drive, Dropbox, by typing a custom query or freeform script, by scraping a web page (Public Data).

And the list goes on with the generic Web Services connector + Partnership with 3rd party providers

Microstrategy 10 Data Sources


Transform and clean your data on the go

Microstrategy 10 reduces the traditional extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) process. The new wrangling and parsing capabilities let you easily clean, transform and prepare your data on the fly. It comes with an extensive set of row and column-based data transformation functions.

Microstrategy data wrangling

Here you can find a detailed demonstration of the Data Wrangling Feature

More New Features in MicroStrategy 10

Apart from the new great integration with various sources, MicroStrategy has more things to offer:

  • New user interface with the new HTML5 data discovery interface, which is compatible with all browsers and does not require third-party software.
  • More ways to visualize data. Leverage dozens of inbuilt visualization templates and maps readily available in MicroStrategy 10. Easily extends to include hundreds of new visualizations from the D3 library in minutes.
  • Simple and centralized administration through the new Operations Manager.
  • Advanced analytics. Creates new calculations, generates intelligent trend lines and forecasts includes reference lines, and creates data group associations
  • MicroStrategy Desktop is now also available for Mac.