Start a WordPress blog

If you are thinking of starting a blog you have 2 options going for the free platforms like Blogspot or with the huge limitations they have.

Or you can go for a self-hosted blog using, where you will have total control, and all the benefits that come with it like hundreds of free themes and thousands of plugins (those little add-ons that will help you customize your blog with anything you need).

Now, I don't have anything about the free options; I even started on Blogspot.  Until I found out that I was missing a lot of things just because I thought paying for a hosting and buying a domain would be expensive.

But I couldn't be more wrong, starting a self-hosted WordPress blog is really simple.

The only things you need is a domain, a hosting provider and WordPress itself. You will get all of them on Bluehost. I recommend it for 3 simple reasons

  •  Easy to use - you don't need technical skills to start and manage your blog. Bluehost provides 1-click installation and if you have any question the Support 24/7 is incredibly helpful and fast, you can reach them by phone, mail or chat.
  •  Price - The starter plan, perfect for a new blogger, is only  $5.99  $3.95/month (Now 35% off)
  •  You will also get a FREE domain when you sign up.

Choosing the perfect domain name, sometimes holds people to start a blog. If you are not sure about the domain name, don't worry, you can easily change it later. Once you start the blog the ideas flow.

Not for nothing Bluehost is the only hosting service recommended by itself.

WordPress and Bluehost

Now that you are convinced that starting a self-hosted blog is the best way of having a successful blog lets begin with the fun part. I will guide you through the whole process from signing up to creating your first post, and in 15 min you will have your own blog.

STEP 1 Setting Up Your Hosting Account

1 First go to Bluehost and click on the big bright green button Get started now.

2 Select the plan, for a brand new blog the starter plan should be enough. You can easily upgrade it at any time if you need it.

3 Enter the domain you would like to use. I'll be using

Don't worry if you are not too sure, you can add multiple websites in the same Bluehost account.

In case that you already have a domain name, you can use it. But still, I recommend you to get the free domain since you know it's free :)

4 Account information: Fill out the form with your information. Make sure your details are correct so you can verify your account.

5 Package information: The prices range from $3.95 from $5.95 depending on the months you want to sing up.

Months   Price per month  Price per year Total at sign up
12 $5.95 $71.40 $71.40
24 $4.95 $59.40 $118.80
36 $3.95 $47.4 $142.20


You also have some optional extras. For now uncheck everything. In case you need one of these features later on, you can add it at any time.

6 Enter your billing information

* If you are signing up from Europe you will see the vat information box. If you are creating a personal blog you don't need to enter. If you are creating a website for a business enter your vat number.

7 In the next page, Bluehost will offer you different upgrades. For now scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on complete.

*These upgrades will be always available and you can use them later if your blog needs them.

8 After completing the initial steps you will need to create a password for you newly created Bluehost account.

9 On the password screen, follow the instructions to create a strong password and check the Agreement box.

* If you want you can create it automatically with the password generator to the right. Make sure to save it before continue

STEP 2: Installing and Setting up WordPress

10 After creating your password go to and login (if you aren't logged already) with the domain name you choose as user and the password you just set.

After logging in close the welcome popup.

11 On your main panel (Cpanel) go to the website section and click on Install WordPress.

12 Then click on Install on the do it yourself(FREE) section.

13 Your domain name should be selected by default. If not select it from the drop-down and click on Check Domain

14 Check the box "Show advanced options" and fill the form,  make sure to use an original name (don't use admin) and a strong password.

Finally check the terms and condition box and click "Install Now"

15 The installation process if fully automated. Close the popup offering themes and wait until the process finishes (It takes a couple of minutes only)

When the progress bar reaches the end click on View credentials and then on View.

Save your credentials: In this screen you will see a screen with your Blog URL, Admin URL, Username and Password.

*I recommend you to take a screenshot of it and add to your favorites bar both URLs

16 Go to the Admin URL and login using your credentials.

17 Don't worry for the many options you will see, soon you will get familiar with the WordPress interface it's pretty intuitive.

Now we will create your first post. Hover over the "Posts" link and click on "Add new"

18 Enter a title, a nice picture and some text for you first post.

19 After leaving it as you like click on Publish.

20 Finally to send your blog out to the whole world click on the message at the top.

Congratulations! you just created a self-hosted WordPress BLOG.

You can see the one I just created and my first post here

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