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Best WordPress plugins with a Tweet counter

Twitter decided to shut down its tweet counter service used by most of the social share plugins. The good news is that you can easily start counting the tweets of your site again!

The counter starts from the moment you start using any of the following methods, so it is best to start as soon as possible.

How to Get a Tweet Share Count?

The official way is to use Gnip (a Twitter Company) but unless you are ready to pay as much as $500 dollars per month for the service, there are other options I use.

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Using a plugin

What I like about the following plugin is that it counts the actual tweets, no matter if they are done through the buttons on your site or not, unlike other plugins that only count the click on the tweet button of your page.

  1. Social Warfare (WordPress) -  I love the design of these share buttons. You can see a live demo of them at the bottom of the post below.
  2. Sumome (All Sites) -  Sumome is a complete set of Digital Marketing tools, between them, social share buttons.

Doing a bit of coding

If you'd rather use custom buttons and have a few coding skills, you can use any of the following services.

You just need to sign up for their free service and add some code next to the twitter button.

Keep in mind that while the counter from any of these sources will start from the moment they are added, all of your historical counts are gone. So the sooner you start, the better!

Why was"Tweet Counter" was shut down?

After reading the notice, I was surprised that Twitter was getting rid of this functionality, especially when lots of bloggers and publishers rely on it for social proof.

Twitter development team gives a few reasons for this decision. But the most important are:

  • They said that the share count was never officially supported. It was intended only for the use of Twitter itself.
  • Money. As the notice says, the counter was one of the last features running on Cassandra (their previous database) so they had no choice but to lose the feature or rebuild it entirely. Considering the costs of doing that and "the opinion of some of the top customers," they decided to shut it down, giving preference to other features.

While it is understandable that companies choose between features, from my point of view the share count is something essential for every Social Media Channel. Every decent social channel has it, be it Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Some of them even have unique counters like Facebook with their likes, shares, and comments.

twitter counter deprecated

Many bloggers, websites, and everyone relying on social media are not happy with this decision, and some of them are even a bit more than upset!

How to get a twitter counter for your siteClick To Tweet
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