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Long Tail Pro Review: Uncover Long tail keywords in minutes

There is no doubt that Keywords are essential for search engine optimization (SEO). They play a key role in making websites profitable and visible to the search engine. However, finding the right keywords can often be a long and tedious task.

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What are long tail keywords?

Long-tail keywords are more specific keyword phrases that people use when searching. You may already know this, but what you probably don't know is just how powerful they can be. Long-tail keywords makeup over 70% of all search engine traffic. Long tail keywords - User search demand A long tail keyword usually has 3 or more words, for example:

  • Keyword:
    • mountain bikes
  • Long tail keywords:
    • specialized mountain bikes
    • specialized mountain bikes for sale
    • used mountain bikes for sale

As you can see in the screenshot below"mountain bikes" has almost 50,000 local searches per month, that's a huge amount of traffic, and it would be great to rank for this keyword, unfortunately, Top keywords are monopolized by big companies, and it's hard, almost impossible for small-medium sites to rank for them.

Screenshot taken from Long Tail Pro
Screenshot taken from Long Tail Pro

What most people don't know is, that while the fight for the Top keywords is fierce with lots of competitors, there are thousands of highly profitable opportunities with little or almost no competition. If you go below to the table, you will see that while long tail keywords have fewer searches the Competitiveness (right column) goes down a lot.

While it may be hard, close to impossible to rank for the top keyword, you can surely rank for one of the long tail keywords.

How to find long tail keywords

Finding profitable keywords with little competition could take a lot of effort and time if you don't have the right tool. Most of the keywords tools out there provide incomplete results and lack valuable data that determines which are the most profitable long tail keywords.

One of the most used is the "Keyword Planner Tool" of Google Ads. Here you can get an estimate of the search volume and the suggested bid for that keyword, if perhaps you were planning on advertising. While this can give you a vague idea, it lacks data about competitiveness, which is crucial for using the right keyword strategy.

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Most likely because this tool is intended for paid advertisement only. Spencer Haws, creator of Longtail Pro knew about the limitation of the keyword tools while trying to get keywords for his websites. He understood the idea behind a keyword generator and wanted to create one that serves the purpose fittingly.

As a result, he created an excellent tool that does all the hard work for you saving you lots of hours. Long Tail Pro is the best keyword research tool I've worked with.

It can provide the right keywords to any website in any niche, independently of the location and in almost every language (I've used it for Spanish, Polish and, of course, English - always with great results!!)

Long Tail Pro over 70000 marketers
Longtail Pro keyword research tool

The team that supports Long Tail Pro is experienced, and it's continually improving the tool, constantly adapting to the search engine changes and the market needs. It is amazing to note that this software that only came into the market in 2011 is now used by more than 70,000 marketers, bloggers, and website owners.

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Characteristics of Long Tail PRO

LongTail Pro has been the best keyword research tool for a long time, and now with the release of the new version 3.0, it's simply amazing. In just a few seconds you can find profitable keywords with little competition that will bring more free traffic to your website with less effort. One of its unique characteristics is the possibility of generating hundreds of keywords in just a few seconds using multiple seed keywords.

Long Tail Pro can import more than 5 seed keywords simultaneously. A seed is nothing more than a keyword that will help generate up to 800 different keywords Generating hundreds of keywords is not the only good thing about it!

A well-organized and intuitive user interface that is easy to use helps you to identify the best long tail keywords of the hundreds of keywords generated. Long tai pro user interface Long Tail Pro use real-time filters to give you full control over the results, based on your keyword criteria. You can use the number of global/local searches for that keyword, the advertiser competition, number of words, between others.

Try a fully working version of Long Tail PRO for a few days

Once you have your content published, LongTail PRO will also allow you to keep track of your keywords with its Rank Checker (SERP).  You will get accurate information on your current rank since it removes all the personalized and localized results and displays it nicely in a report with ranks for Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Long tai pro Keyword Rank Checker

Average Keyword Competitiveness

One of the most useful metrics is the Average Keyword Competitiveness, a metric that automatically calculates the competition of a keyword based on its own algorithm and gives you a simple 0-100 score. This metric (KC) will help you decide if the keyword is between your possibilities in one click. Avg keyword competitiveness


Trying to get "Top Keywords" can be expensive, exhausting, and in some situations impossible. When people search for something they usually use a sentence of 3 or more keywords. These long tail keywords are much less competitive and can be easily targeted

You have more chance of success if you have a tool that helps you which long tail keywords are more profitable. Long Tail PRO has proven to be one of the best keyword research tools in the market. It can give you the help you need to get those "hidden gems" keywords to drive more free traffic to your site.

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What do you think?

  • Did you know how powerful long tail keywords are?
  • Which tool do you use to make your keyword research?

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